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Симове/Full Sims / Ofa & Marta part 1

Ofa & Marta part 1
27.12.08 11:58
Не си причинявайте стрес и лошо психическо състояние- не влизайте!

Download Albena Denkova by Ofelia  Bulgaria Download Maxim Staviski by Ofelia  Bulgaria

Maxim Staviski (Bulgarian: Максим Стависки) (born November 16, 1977, in Rostov-on-Don, Soviet Union (now Russia)) is a Bulgarian ice dancer. With partner and fiancée Albena Denkova  (Bulgarian: Албена Денкова) (born December 3.1974 in Sofia), they are  a two-time and reigning World Champion, two-time European silver medalist, and Grand Prix Final champion. Denkova & Staviski are the first Bulgarian figure skaters to medal at the World Figure Skating Championships.
See them

azo5.jpg -4.jpg

Azis by Ofelia   Bulgaria

 Veneta Raikova by Ofelia   Bulgaria

Download   Credits and more pics


Azis (Азис) (born Vasil Troyanov Boyanov (Васил Троянов Боянов) on 7 March, 1978) is a Bulgarian Romani chalga (pop-folk) singer known for, among other things, his atypical gender expression and his flamboyant persona.
His discography includes: "Celuvai Me" (2003), "Na Golo" (2003), "Kraliat" (2004), "Together" with
Desi Slava (2004), and "2005" (2005). Azis has recorded and performed many songs with some of the most popular Bulgarian pop-folk singers, like Gloriya, Malina, Sofi Marinova, Toni Storaro, the Serbian singer Marta Savić and also the rap performer Ustata.
See him

 Veneta Raikova is  TV journalist. She is born in Pleven, Bulgaria on 1974.

See her

untitled-1.jpg -5.jpg picture by valia131313
Galka Karizma by Ofelia   Bulgaria

Miro Karizma by Ofelia   Bulgaria



КаriZма is a Bulgarian pop duo, whose members are Galina Kurdova (Galya) and Miroslav Kostadinov (Miro).
The beginning of the duet КариZма was in 1999. They worked for non-Bulgarian music companies, such as EMA, TOCO int. and others. Two years later the famous Bulgarian music composer Mitko Shterev helped them with their first single, Riskuvam da te imam (I risk to own you). Before the release of the single Kolko mi lipsvash ("How much I miss you") in 2002, KariZma worked with other performers, like Toni, Maria Ilieva, Santra,
Spens, Ava, Irra, etc. This delayed the work on their debut album. Moreover, on March 13, 2006, Galia entered the VIP Brother 1 House, where she stayed for 18 days. Their next hits were Shte izbiagam li ot teb?("Will I run away from you?") (2003), Mr. Killer (2004), and Minavash prez men ("You pass through me") (
See them



1-7.jpg bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by valia131313  
Asen Blatechky by Ofelia  
Asen Blatechky is an actor. He is born in Sofia, Bulgaria 1971, march, 22.  He has a share in productions of Sci-Fi Channel, Nu Image, Hallmark, Global films , RAI UNO, RTL etc. All bulgarian traditional karate federation Champion – 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992

Gergana by Ofelia   Bulgaria  Gala by Ofelia   Bulgaria


    Gergana's star shined in one of the "Become a star" competitions, organized by Payner Music and TV Planeta. She won with 8 other girls, and in 2003 became part of Payner music familly. Quickly takes fans' hearts with her firrst song "I'm losing you slowly". After that she wroted 3 albums, called "I'm losing you slowly", "Like no other" and "Blue eyes", respectively. Her blonde hair and dance songs formed her style.
   Other of her songs are: "I was yours", "It hurts", "Last night", "blue eyes" and many other.
See her
 Gala ( Galina Teneva) is TV journalist. She is born in Pleven, Bulgaria on 1967, february, 13.

See her

Mariana Popova by Ofelia   Bulgaria  Esil Duran by Ofelia  Bulgaria


Mariana Popova (Bulgarian: Мариана Попова) (born June 6, 1978) is a Bulgarian singer. She is best known for representing Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.
Mariana Popova was born in Sofia and has been studying music since she was 11, and later she also studied modern and jazz ballet. From 1996 until 2000, she was part of the group Cocomania. In 2005 she won the first prize at the “Burgas and the Sea” Festival with the song "Dream About Me," which she performed in a duet with Dani Milev.
See her
 Esil Duran is really attractive with good dances and dynamic songs. She is with Turkish origin, but from many years she has settled to Bulgarian pop-folk scene. She was born in 5th of July in Haskovo, Bulgaria. She has 3 albums created in Payner Music. Former was in 2001 with name "Esil Duran", second in 2004 called "Elmaz", and last in 2006 called "She". Her best known songs are "SMS", "She", "Just love me".
   Other of her songs are: "I'm
crazy, that love you", "Elmaz" and "Our Song"   
See her

deni.gif bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by valia131313 6-7.jpg bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by valia131313
Denislav by Ofelia Bulgaria Music Idol Ivana by Ofelia Bulgaria
Download Download
born 1990, Pernik, Bulgaria
He is a student and sing very well .

See him
born january 31 in Aitos, Bulgaria
 Ivana is the prime pop-folk singer from Payner Music familly. She is the most popular singer in Bulgaria, and her songs are well known not only among the fans of pop-folk but also in other people. Ivana starter her career in the dawn of pop-folk and her songs then, were with more erotic feeling, and scandalous. That won to her a reputation of a bad girl. That reputation in not changedtill that moment.
   All her songs had a nice sonds and interesting clips that made her work very popular.
See her

 10-tile.jpg bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by bulgariansite
Lucy  Diakovska by Ofelia Bulgaria  Ceci Krasimirova by Ofelia Bulgaria
Link   Credits and more pics Download  Credits and more pics
Date of Birth: 2 April 1976 Pleven, Bulgaria
Birth Name: Ludmila Diakovska
Nickname: Lucy 

Has a younger brother named Alexander (b. 1983) who is a professional basketball player. Father, Lubomir, is an opera singer while mother, Rositza, is a pianist.Goes by nickname Lucy.In 1995 she came from Bulgaria to Germany, where she began studying at The Stage School in Hamburg.Her grandfather was a famous Bulgarian folk musican.Her partner is Juliette Schoppmann who, like Ludmila, became famous due to her appearance on a casting show (2005).Her first solo album "The other side" will be released on September 5th 2005.Has been a member of the extremely popular girl group No Angels from 2000 to 2003 and since its reunion in January 2007 
See her
 Date of Birth: 24 January 1980 , Bulgaria

90 / 61 / 91
Best Model of Bulgaria 1997
Best Model of Europe 1997

See her

11.jpg www.bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by bulgariansite
Raina by Ofelia Bulgaria New Raina by Ofelia Bulgaria
Download     Credits and more pics Download     Credits and more pics
  From the very begining Raina started her career as a model. She won a lot of award there, and decided to subdue the hill of pop-folk music. She started her singing career in Payner Music. She recorded some good songs like "Who", "Orange fresh" and "You are lying me best". For years she was singing in payner Music, Raina has 5 albums.
   Some of her hits are "You lost everything", "That's my specialty", "On every time", "You are good", "Thousands women" and "I'm asking".
See her

8-2.jpg bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by valia131313 9-3.jpg bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by valia131313
New  Iana_by_Ofelia.rar Bulgaria New  Jana_by_Ofelia.rar Bulgaria
Iana Dobreva Hristova is ambitious, disciplined and beutifull dancer. She has 2 title - Czarina Margarita 2000 & Miss Sozopol. She is born in Burgas on 7 july 1986. 
The teacher's staff completes a sport school and still is in sport wool in НСА.
On a bevel it does classic and modern ballet.
To all these things calmly can add as well the choreography.
The most bold thing, that she ever has produced is the presentation of the casting of "Overlords of the Air". 
Janeta Plamenova Taneva is born in Stara Zagora on 14 November 1983. She is dancer in "Overlords of the Air" show. 
Jana is completed  "Kliment Оhridski" tourism school.
As being little she is trained sport dancings and by then they are inseparable part of her life. The preferred music manners are haus, dance and rap . The fan is as well of the bulgarian music.
She speak very well russian and english languages. 
Jana keeping her body with regular exercises of fitness and tae-bo.

Credits and more pics
See them

lil1.jpg www.bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by Maria131313  
 New Lilana_by_Ofelia.rar Bulgaria  
 LiLana Hristova Deyanova , born: 28 april 1985 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She works as a model and as a singer. LiLana took the title Miss VIP Brother in a strenuous rivalry with other show participants.  
 Credits and more pics
See her



Catherine Zeta Jones  by Ofelia  Bulgaria

Beyonce  by OfeliaBulgaria




2-2.jpg bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by bulgariansite

 Fergie by Ofelia   Bulgaria

Scarlett Johansson by Ofelia Bulgaria Download


More pics and credits


 tom_kaulits.jpg bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by ofelia131313 bil2.jpg bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by ofelia131313

  Tom by Ofelia   Bulgaria Tokio Hotel

 Bil by Ofelia   Bulgaria Tokio Hotel



fd64622b.jpg bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by ofelia131313 1-8.jpg bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by valia131313
Rihanna by Ofelia Bulgaria  Специален подарък за Нанси! Barbaba Mori by OfeliaBulgaria
 Download Download

 2-14.jpg www.bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by valia131313
Emmanuel Adebayor by Ofelia Bulgaria Download  Gong Li by Ofelia Download Bulgaria
More pics and credits  

Cameron Diaz by Ofelia Bulgaria Download Paris Hilton by Ofelia Bulgaria Download
More pics and credits More pics and credits

12-tile-1.jpg bulgarian-sims2-site.dir.bg picture by bulgariansite
 Briana Evigan  'Step Up' 2  by Ofelia Bulgaria Download   Ivanka_by_Ofelia.rarBulgaria Ivanka Trump
 More pics and credits  More pics and credits

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